Travels through marketplaces across the globe.

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About the Designer

Born in India, raised in the Middle East, and educated in Canada, Gargi Ghugare possesses a unique design sensibility that represents the life of a nomad. Inspired by shape, architecture, and colour, she is enthused by the notion that cross-cultural pollination results in warped standards of beauty. Her designs explore different aesthetic principles across cultures and fuses them with the modern silhouette. Her previous work includes presenting at Vancouver Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week as well as jewelry trunk shows around Toronto. She has finally found her travelling home right here, in Soukh. 

The Idea

Born out of a childlike curiosity of different marketplaces across the globe, Soukh is a curation of what fashion is as seen and worn through the eyes of a nomad. We take pride in supporting artists true to their city and translate it into a wardrobe so well travelled, you won't need a passport. 

Style & Quality

We work with artists and manufacturers across the globe, giving you wardrobe pieces that you will cherish for years to come. Fashion to us is a slow evolving process, one where you pull a piece out and it looks and feels the same years after purchase. 

Style Suggestions

Every Soukh piece comes with a style suggestion. We understand our pieces are unique, and that can sometimes mean hitting a roadblock trying to mix items into your wardrobe. If a style suggestion is not to your liking, feel free to email us and we would be happy to provide a free consultation on us.