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Style Suggestion: Soukh Exclusive Mogra Purse

Gargi Ghugare

As a girl that has worn and loved neutrals all her life, multi-coloured clothes and accessories frighten me. The Soukh Exclusive Mogra purse was no different. Getting over my initial hangup wasn't that hard. This purse is SO versatile! It fits basically everything from your makeup and keys to your phone(the small iphones only guys, not the phones the size of my head) and looks SO luxe, its hard to walk down the street without getting asked about it atleast once. 

I styled the Mogra purse with a beautiful long satin shirt singed in the waist by a rope belt. Voila! Works day or night, fancy event or casual brunch(change up the lipstick from red to neutrals) and you're good to go.